Fierce battle of Korean war, which left a deeply scarred wound to Korean people, ended by establishing a demilitarized zone of two kilometers each on both sides from the current military demarcation line and signing a ceasefire agreement on July 27, 1953. It is truce not declaration of end of Korean war, but the North Korea has a lot of armed provocations since the truce and there is a Kim Shin-Jo incident in 1968 as a representative case. It was an incident that 31 North Korean spies infiltarated into the Blue House to kill the president Park Jung-hee. It’s name is came after the name of the only survivor Kim Shin-Jo. It was the one of the most famous press conference interview with his announcement of the purpose of infiltration, “We are here to cut the head of president Park Jung-Hee!.“

The 2nd infiltration tunnel was discovered in Cheolwon in 1975 and it is located at 38 °N. At the time of Korean war, it was a strategically important place called the heart of the first frontier line.

It is called “Iron Triangle” includes Pyunggang and Gimhae with 3 major battles; White Horse Highland Battle, Sniper Ridge Battle, and Ice Cream Highlands Battle. It is located in the central part of the DMZ 252km across the east and west of the peninsula. It covers about 1/3 of the DMZ and 70km long. About 70% of them are plains, and it is the first granary zone in Gang Won-Do Province.

Tour is started from Seoul and visit first gunshot exchange place between South Korean soldiers and North Korean spies just 300m away from Blue House. Tourists can see the North Korean rural village from the Odusan observatory which is 2km away from North Korea. After that, Tourists visit ROKA 25th infantry division in Yeoncheon and walk along DMZ barbed wire fence with ROKA military police, walk inside bunker, visit barbed wire fence and peace ribbon experience where 31 North Korean spies infiltrated in 1968, try South Korean and US army uniforms, DMZ tour certification event, and enjoy briefing from a soldier inside the military observation point where you can see the scenery of DMZ including South and North Korean guard posts.

It takes 1 hour from Yeoncheon to Cheorwon. Lunch is served with North Korean duck meat, Duck stew, rice cooked with Cheorwon O-dae rice, and seasonal side dish. After the meal, enjoy  2nd infiltration tunnel tour.

After finish the procedure for security sightseeing at the Cheorwon Tourist Information Center, tourists can enter the Civilian Control Zone by shuttle bus or private vehicle. Tourists can walk 500m inside 2nd infiltration tunnel of North Korea, enjoy the scenery of North Korean propaganda village, visit Woljeongri train station which is the last station of Gyeongwon railroad.
Then go back to Seoul, finish the tour at your Hotel.

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Tour introduction
(Odusan Unification Observatory)
Stunning scenery of Odusan; where Han river and Imjin river converged. It was built in 1992 on the Odu mountain 118 meters above sea level and the closest distance point of this area between South Korea and North Korea is just 460m. There are remains of ancient fortress where you can also find in two ancient history books 『Samguksagi』 and 『Goryosa』. Odusan Unification Observatory, built with the desire for the unification from the people, has been visited by over 18 million tourists since its opening. On the 3rd floor observatory, there is an introduction video of Odu Mountain Unification Observatory.

(Seung-jeon OP)
The Seung-jeon OP is located in Yeoncheon, the western line, and is the foremost Observation Point operated by ROKA 25th infantry Division to observe the activities of the North Korean Army, unlike the Observatory for travelers in Cheorwon and Goseong. After listening to the briefing of the soldier in charge with military map, you can find what is North Korean Guard Post and what is North Korean Observation Point to observe the activities of the South Korean Army.

(Kim shin-jo 1.21 infiltration route)
On January 17, 1968, at night 11:00 am, 31 armed spies including Kim Shin-jo belonging to the 124th army unit of the North Korea invaded from here. They were wearing Korean army uniforms and armed with machine guns and grenades to kill the South Korean president and blow up the Blue House. They went through barbed wire fence that was installed by the border guards of the 2nd Division of the US Army and now you can see it with models of the North Korean spies.
There are a lot of hope ribbons containing the desire of unification on the fence, so you can find the pain of their division and loss.

(2nd infiltration tunnel)
The Cheorwon 2nd infiltration Tunnel is 2.4km long from North Korea to the Military Demarcation Line, 1.1km from the Military Demarcation Line to South Korea and entire 3.5km long. When the soldiers heard the bombing sound under the ground, they sure that there was a tunnel. After dozens of days of drilling, they found this 2nd infiltration tunnel on March 19, 1975. The 2nd infiltration tunnel is a 2 meter height arch tunnel, specially designed to allow the movement of about 30,000 troops per hour.

(Peace Observatory)
It is the Cheorwon Peace Observatory where you can see the DMZ, the Pyeongang Plateau in North Korea, and the propaganda village in North Korea. The ultra-precise telescope facilities and state-of-the-art topographic map provide more vivid experience of division. You can enjoy Monorail for more comfortable and safe visit. In front of the Peace Observatory, there is a unique “Peace Tree” standing, and you can find a tank that was actually used during the Korean War.

(Woljeongri train station)
Woljeong Station is the last station the nearest to the DMZ. You can see the train stopped next to a sign saying ‘Iron horse want to run again’ when you go to the Woljeong Station. At the time of the Korean war, the North Korean troops withdrew and took the front part of the train. Now, there are only a few parts that are used as passenger car.

Pick up from hotel (07:30)
North Korean spy battle field next to Blue house (7:45~8:00) / pass by
Odusan Unification Observatory (9:00~9:45)
Visit 25th infantry division camp (10:30~12:00)
Course : Seung-Jeon OP – Kim shin-jo 1.21 invasion route
Lunch (13:00~14:000)
2nd infiltration tunnel (14:00~17:00)
Course : 2nd infiltration tunnel – Cheorwon Peace Observatory – Woljeongri train station
Back to the Hotel (19:00)


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Korean local (English/Chinse/Japanese) Tour Guide
Private van
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Tip (Optional)
Foods and Drinks

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