Overview: Enjoy overview of Daegu by monorail Daegu subway line 3.

Monorail line is running over the high line in Daegu City passing

through major paces

For scene hunting in Daegu. this tour starts late afternoon,

continues until night for tourists to catch day time scene, sunset

scene, night scene.

Also we adopt Hop on hop off concept in this tour. Sometimes

Stop at the mono rail stn and go out to enjoy local food & activity

and move again.


Tourists go must-eat place like Ttokbokgi at Dongsungro Street ,

Beef Intestenes at Seomun Old Market. and Chicken Town at

Suseong Mpt.


Fried Chicken & Draft Beer is one of must –eat item in Korea tour.

And Fried Chicken started from Daegu.

Not only for food, this tour takes tourists a lot of spots, too.

Tour Itinerary: Meet guide at Dalsung gongwon stn –Seomun Old Market

(Street food taste) – Cheongra Hill stn (walking Tour along Daegu Mordern times street)– Meet guide at Dalsung Park Stn(Dalasung

Park Tour)-Seomun Stn(Seo Mun Old Market Tour)-

Cheongra Hill Stn(Independence Stair-Daegu Art FactoryGoods Gallery

Tour)- Shincheon Daibonggyo Stn(Korea’s Bob Dyaln Street)-

Geondlbayi Stn(Korea Religion Deapartment-Shaman,Church, the Virgin

Maria Statue-Buddihism Temple)

Tour Start: 15:00pm

Tour Starts from 1 ppl

Tour Price : 95usd per person

Option: pick 1 menu for dinner from the following list

  1. Daegu Polack stew
  2. Daegu Fried Chicken & Beer
  3. Beef Instenes stew
  4. Ginseng Dock stew

What’s included:

English-Speaking guide. Private vehicle, All food & Drinks

Additional information

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