Busan Mountainside Road

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Before Korean war(1950-1953), Busan was not big. But during 3 year’s civil war, almost 1 million people came to Busan from Northern side of Korean peninsula. Really population explosion happened. Of course, no space for residence. When refugee arrived in Busan, S.Korea government gave them 1 piece of tent and the address of mountainside to set up the tent nearby Busan sea port. At that time, S.Korea got aid and military supply stuffs and equipment to Busan sea port. So a lot of people started to live on the tent at the mountainside.

So from the ground area to the top of mountainside, so many stairs was built. Later it changed into the monorail because of aging of residents in mountainside. there are even nicknamed “108 stairs” compared to the 108 anguish of Buddhism. According to the aging of residents, city government brought the monorail here.

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