The 2nd Infiltration Tunnel DMZ Tour

To foreign tourists who visit S.Korea, DMZ tour is the representative tour. And most tourists take 3rd tunnel DMZ tour. But 3rd tunnel tour has lot of regulation. for example, Not any pictures can be take inside the 3rd tunnel. On the contrary, 3rd tunnel is very much flexible. of course, the pictures is OK. And the private cars are available. However in the 3rd tunnel, every tourists need to ride the designated bus.

Main is dumpling soup and side dish is vegetable. In the side dish they try to make combination with fermented dish and fresh dish.

Food in the 2nd tunnel tour area after or before the tour is abundant. From N.Korean dumpling soup, vegetarian food is available, too. That area is famous for rice as “cheolwon odai ssal”.

The restaurant do not cook rice at the electronic rice cooker, they cook rice pot. The way to cook rice makes the taste much better than the way to cook at the electronic jar

But 2nd tunnel is far away than the 3rd tunnel from Seoul.. 1 hour take more than 3rd tunnel. However the tourists want real DMZ experience, I recommend 2nd Infiltration tunnel tour.

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